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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience with clay to join a clay session? 

No experience is necessary at all! Most of our students are complete beginners and are able to walk away with some fun new skills and cute pots to keep. 

During the class Haley will teach you basic hand building techniques and provide guidance as you create. 

What will I be making in a clay session? 

During our private group sessions you have full control over what you want to create, if that's a coffee cup, or a platter, or a sculpture of an elephant that's totally fine! Keep in mind that this is a hand building class so you won't be working on a pottery wheel. 

It is usually best when people come to the session with a bit of an idea of what they want to make, this means you spend less time deciding during the class and can get straight into making your piece. 

To give you an idea of some things that people have made during a single clay session, here is a list of easily achievable items which you can add your own creative flair to:

  • Coffee cups or mugs, bowls & small dishes

  • Cheese platters or plates (keep in mind that these have a higher chance of breaking or warping during the firing process than other items)

  • Candle holders

  • Vases

  • Sculptural items like animals, little houses etc. 

  • Planter pots

  • Coasters or wall hangings

  • Christmas decorations

Some items that may require two or more sessions include: 

  • Teapots

  • Large jugs (e.g. sangria jug)

  • Super detailed items or larger sculptural pieces

Feel free to head to our instagram to have a look at what others have created and get some inspiration.

How does firing my pots work? What is the firing costs?

After you have made your pots, they need to dry for at least 3-5 days before we can put them in the kiln for their first firing. 

The first firing is called a Bisque Firing and this goes to 1000 degrees celsius (so no, you cannot use your oven at home) and takes 3 days from loading the kiln to being able to unpack it after it has cooled. 

Once your pot has been bisque fired, it is hard but porous, so it will not hold water. This is fine for things like planter pots or wall hangings but not fine for anything that you want to hold liquids like food or drink.

To seal your pots (and make them look amazing) you then need to attend a glazing session where you can glaze your pots. It will then go in for a second firing which goes up to 1220 degrees celsius and takes another 3 days to fire. 

Once the glaze firing is complete your pots are ready for collection and everyday use! 

Firing costs are charged at $7/kg for bisque firing and then again for the glaze firing. This covers the cost of running the kiln and maintaining it. For example, mugs usually cost around $3-5 to fire and platters around $7-10 as an estimate. 

I've been to a clay session, when can I come back to glaze?

You will be able to return to glaze one month after your original making date. So if you came at the start of April, the soonest you can return to glaze will be the May glazing session. 

Glazing sessions are a casual attendance class, so no need to organise a group (although you can if you want to!). 

Currently there is only 1 glazing session per month, so we recommend booking ahead of time to avoid missing out. 

I can't make it to a glazing session, what can I do to finish my pots?

If you cannot make it back for a glazing session, there are a few options for you to get your pots looking pretty and ready to use:

  • Haley can glaze your pots for you, there are 3 colour options if you want her to do this:

    • Gloss White​

    • Matte Black

    • Clear Glaze (the colour of the clay will shine through)

  • You can opt for a friend who is coming to a glazing session to glaze it for you

  • We can post your pots to you at your expense if you came to us whilst on holidays. 

Do you offer firing services for people not attending your classes?

Yes this is charged at a rate of $10/kg, if you wish to do a full kiln load of firing please contact us for prices. 

Please note, we cannot take responsibility for the loss of any items during a firing due to poor construction, explosions or any other unexpected issues. We will not refund if your items are damaged or broken during a firing, unfortunately breakage and loss are a very real part of our craft, and even more so in shared kilns where the quality of other people's work is not guaranteed. 

We do however do our best to avoid any issues through pre-firing checks and careful stacking and handling of your pieces. 

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