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For those of you who just want some clay to play with without any tools or want to top up your At Home Clay Kit. 


Includes cost of firing to Bisque stage. 

Just Some Clay Please

  • Once you have completed your creations and are ready for them to be put through their first firing you will need to return your pieces to us. 

    Firing is included in the cost of your additional clay

    Please return your pieces in a cardboard box (can be the same one you got it in) with the following information on the outside: 

    - Your full name

    - Date of drop off

    - Best contact number so we can let you know when it is finished


    Please do the following to your pieces before returning them to us: 

    - Put your initials and date on the bottom of every piece (carved or scratched into the clay) 

    - Allow your pieces to dry for at least 24 hours before packing into the box.

    - Wrap your pieces in newspaper to protect them and ensure they don't break during transit. 


    Don't forget to tag us on instagram in your progress photos @creative.co_lab


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