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Creative Co-Lab

Looking for a unique activity or experience in the Whitsundays? 

Creative Co-Lab adult pottery classes & courses run from Pink Tank Studio and are facilitated by Haley Vogel. These classes are a fantastic way for adults to wind down and de-stress as well as socialise and learn a new skill. 




Please click the 'Book Now' button and complete the form to request your private group booking. 

Minimum of 6 people, maximum of 10

$50pp for a 2 hour session 

Firing charged at $7/kg at the end of the session

Clay is a slow process and will require two sessions for you to come away with a complete piece of ceramic art. If you do not wish to do two classes, you can elect for Haley to glaze your pots for you, prices on request. 

CORK + CLAY (making class)

This is a casual attendance class, please head to the 'class bookings' tab to book your spot.

Learn hand building pottery skills during this two hour session, I will guide you through slab and pinch technique as well as a variety of decorating ideas for you to make a unique piece of pottery. Most people are able to complete around 1-4 items during class depending on size and detail. 


Combining a great atmosphere and professional guidance to bring those Pinterest board ideas to life, bring your favourite bottle of red and get ready to relax. 

Please note that this is BYO drinks & nibbles. Wine glasses are provided. 

This class includes clay & tools, bisque firing is charged at the end of the session at $7/kg for whatever items you make and wish to keep. Once your items are bisque fired, you can book into a glazing session to glaze and complete your items before they go through their second firing of 1220 degrees celsius! 



This is a casual attendance class, please head to the 'class bookings' tab to book your spot. 

Complete your previously made and bisque fired pots by painting and glazing them ready for their final firing. 

If you have attended a private group booking, you will be able to book into the glazing session in the following month after your initial class.


Glaze firing costs are charged at $10/kg at the end of your session. You will be contacted when your pieces are ready for collection, usually around 4-5 weeks after your complete your glazing class. 

Please note, we cannot take responsibility for the loss of any items during a firing due to poor construction, explosions or any other unexpected issues. We will not refund if your items are damaged or broken during a firing, unfortunately breakage and loss are a very real part of our craft, and even more so in shared kilns where the quality of other people's work is not guaranteed. 

We do however do our best to avoid any issues through pre-firing checks and careful stacking and handling of your pieces. 

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